Opendesk Studio Desk

Always wanted to try one of OpenDesk’s designs. Luckily I saved a few off before they stopped letting people download. This is the Studio Desk for my daughter. Laminate top color picked by her. Shellac finish. Mistakes were made, but thankfully no one else has noticed.





This is super nice! One of the more aesthetically appealing makes I’ve seen here.

Have you considered signing up as a maker at opendesk? Do you know of other places with similar plans?


Really great work. I like it.

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Yoo! This is awesome. Opendesk is one of the reasons I pushed for building a full sheet Lowrider. So glad to see that others are thinking along the same lines

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Opendesk has been radio silent for over a year. They don’t seem to be taking on new makers. I have found Frontier Design that seems to have a similar offer albeit with some very specific differences:


Thanks! Really appreciate it

Still very much a hobbyist, so hadn’t considered it. Still learning my own machine right now and have some tweaks to make. I’d had the impression that OpenDesk was pretty much on indefinite hiatus as mentioned here.

I also had this in mind as one of the reasons to try out the Lowrider! Wish they were still active. Cool find tho on frontier… really could’ve used that back when I did my kerf wall!

I just tried downloading from Opendesk but it appears they aren’t letting people download their designs anymore. Too bad, I really liked the desk.

Try here…


Oh cool, thanks!

Hi Mcunn. Is it possible for me to download and use these files please? I am a Github member but cant seem to download?

Sorry but I just linked to the repository it’s not mine.

So, I just found I cannot download the files and have them work either, but a little googling found this, and it works. You have to download it as a zip though. opendesk directory listing

Wow, it seems to me that such a table will be very convenient for a student and, plus, it will elegantly fit into any interior.

Hi Josh. Would you mind sharing the files for the Studio Desk. Can’t find them anywhere.

Printables has a bunch of their stuff.