One my proudest moments

Building this machine was a totally life changing experience. Ryan I cannot express how much you have improved my life. Gave me purpose and direction.

Thank you also to Jeffe Jamie Tim w and the others who helped me.

Now I just gotta figure out what to do with it. I’ve made a few signs, cut out the 2 y plates and 611 for a lowrider which I also built.

My primo has a dewalt currently and a plotter. I’m working on the laser and I’m just about to do some vinyl cutting for the first time.


Is it just me, or is building it half the fun?


Only half?

For the last couple months since I ordered everything I’ve been walking around high like a crackhead. Obsessed with this machine.

After I drew those crowns the first thing I ever milled was the parts for a lowrider so i could build one.

The last 6 months have been an incredible journey starting with a printer in June. By August i was planning on building my mpcnc.

I’ve had to teach myself so many skills. I have zero experience with alot of this stuff so I had to figure it out.

Completely life changing. Everytime I see my mpcnc or lowrider I’m still in disbelief I built these machines and they work beautifully. That is probably more on @vicious1 and this amazing design, than me and my skills. I’ve never been on another mans dick like this. Lol


I agree with Jeffeb3 the build is great fun then learning new software and meeting new people with like interests and helping people who want to learn new things. I’m not very artistic :confused: but I sold and gave away a lot of basic cribbage boards. It taught me a lot of the basics pocketing drilling v-carving and a lot of fun stuff


Yea while Ryan’s estlcam tutorial was great and Christian’s videos on youtube are too I’m still struggling for a place to learn more about the use of the machine. That’s a long deep dark rabbit hole with no light in sight.

I tried kiri moto for a bit but like estlcam better.

Does anyone know why estlcam doesnt raise the z before homing after a print? Everytime I slice gcode I have to edit the gcode cause it seems like the 2nd last line lowers the z instead of raising it. I’ve had quite a few things have a deep cut going down the middle of my project

Check clearance plane in estlcam make it 3 or 4 mm i haven’t used estcam in. A while I will look in my settings when I get home :house_with_garden: been there too

Love it!

Honestly I still feel this way anytime I use the machines, so hopefully it does not fade for you either.

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Thanks I tried that it’s set at 4mm.

I get some z-15 at the end of my gcode before it homes.

Everything I’ve done in life has led me to this. It’s taken me 43 years but this was what I was meant to do.

The community better get use to me cause I’m not going anywhere.


Where did you tell it to end the job, there are a few options? I have it set to above last position.

That’s weird I tried to follow your setup instructions and I thought I choose the safer choice of above last. I just checked my settings and its currently above origin. I’m going to have to check all my settings again. So if it’s set to above origin it only raises the clearance plane value then goes to home? In what world does that make sense?

Could I ask a question about v carve bits. I bought some and they came without any docs. I measured the angle and its 30. Am I correct that I am suppose to enter 15 for the degree? Everytime I try to carve something I get furrows I guess I’ve tried different steppovers and the only real difference I get is it’s all gnarly like the box on the right20201230_185134|375x500

My v bits are 45 degree,

Why is it even going home? I prefer it just stops when it is done.

I also like it to just rise and I move the gantry by hand after shutdown

I didn’t think about that I’d be more than happy with it stopping above last as long as a I dont get a big long line cut out of what I’m working on


Building it is at least half the fun!