Ok, here's the crown, why does it suck?

Why does my crown look like it belongs at Burger King?

More pics!

Ill guess the paper wasn’t held well and neither was the pen…and the pen was pushed down too hard.

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Paper was hand held tight, pen was on your mount made in PETG so even more flex.

All your errors seem to be in the same places. I’d check your GCode.

First start with my gcode, to verify. Then we can work on getting yours to match mine.

Cool, I found your gcode, I missed it the first time through the instructions. I’ll run it tonight and we’ll see how it goes.

How big is it? A standard sheet of paper turned Landscape?

Small, it will fit on a regular sheet.

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The last time this happened, there was a loose pulley on one of the motors.

I just fixed a loose pulley before the crap crown.

Oops. I can’t keep all these Jeff’s straight. :slight_smile: