Not on a LR but the machines are capable of

I have been playing with some ACM sheets lately to make some 3d panels for exterior and interior dacades. Here are some samples:

Also have been playing with my diode laser, paint and some mirrors:


Thanks for posting these - can you share the profile and depth of the vee cuts for the folds please?

I wouldn’t mind to give you all the details but: these panels should he designed custom for each application you cant scale sizes. I can teach you the basics is just drawing in sketchup the model and use some plugging to unfold it (or as i use: ultimate papercraft -for ease of use, the SketchUp plugging doesnt leave you the unfolded model exactly in the xy plane

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With aluminum composite sheets you have to carve the back side of the aluminum, and almos the whole Plastic core, you should really look at the specs of the sheet you are using some brands have a thicker plate, but you should leave almost 0.5mm of the plastic core remaining. In my case i use 3.70mm doc but i’m sure im not cutting a hair of a fraction more because i use a pressure plate with a physical stop.

Also for cutting acm (the outside contour) i use a 1.5 mm bit just because in some models you have some cuts very near 2 v grooves and i -like- to cut almost everything with the cnc and do very little of hand job

Thank-you for the detailed replies

I’m pretty sure Onshape will do that, so when the time comes it will take a little mucking around.

Perfect, thank you! - Of course it will take some experimenting but it’s great to have a starting spot! Also I will be using 3mm sheet and I think you are using 4 so that will possibly make a difference.

That’s for sure one software i would like to try also the one its called Shapemaster

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Yes im using a 4mm sheet. You have to try (and for better results, do q eurfacing job to your table first. Acm is not very forgiving when you damqge the front piece of aluminum

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I see what you’re up to naughty little boy! :smiley:
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Peter, if you or anyone else would like to learn about making these panels, just dm me, we can arrange something for teaching the basics



Thank-you, I still have a bit of time, but will certainly do that when my machine is running!

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Make it a discord call for everyone to listen to. :smiley: You can even share your screen.


Record it and post to YouTube with a link for those that can’t call in at the time



These little panels with curves are so much nicer than the others but man thay need a lot of work


Curves? :exploding_head:

Now imagine this process (wich is fast) cutting a whole sheet full of little panels, just using one lr3 with your idex mod. You only have to set the 2 bits height. Hit go and watch it making … Omg


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Those panels are very cool! Do you have photos after installation?

The installation is like any other acm/dibond panel (just not using the rain screen type) by adding aluminum angles. Also don’t leave any gaps between panels.