Not all shop days are good

This wasn’t necessarily a ‘bad’ day in the shop, but it went along with the rest of the crud that happened.

I started the weekend thinking I’d build a new laptop stand at work. The one I have was 3d printed. It works, but it’s not very elegant. I saw some designs on google images for some nice looking wooden ones, so I thought I’d borrow some ideas.

I quickly drew up a design using materials that I already had in the shop. 3/4" plywood for the sides and a 1 1/4" dowel for the cross piece.

Went out to the CNC. Threw the 1/8" end mill in the chuck and started cutting. Part way through the first cut, I hear the machine skip… sure enough, when it got back to the other end it was no longer in line with the first cut.

I setup the machine with a new start point, rerun the CAM with slower feeds (first time cutting this type of plywood), and start a new cut. Part way through the second cut, I heard a little pop, saw a little spark, and all of a sudden a little flame starts smoldering in the saw dust sitting in the pocket. Shut everything down and sure enough the bit was toast. (Lesson learned, start twice as slow as I think I should when cutting new material). I put the flame out and go inside.

After a few other projects have similar outcomes, I decide to just watch some TV. I’m watching a movie and finally decide that I’ll give the laptop stand another go. I’ll just print out the design and cut it on the bandsaw.

I go outside, back the car out of the garage, back the bike out of the garage, set up the mobile work bench. Print out the design and trace it onto a board. Go over to the bandsaw to start cutting, and just as I get through the first cut, it starts down pouring. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, except for fact that my garage is setup that I have to stand outside the garage opening to use the bandsaw. I was getting soaked, and the water was splashing off of me onto the bandsaw.

I gave up. I put the bike back in the garage… in the rain. Took down the workbench. Shut the garage door and dried off the bandsaw.

All in all, I guess it wasn’t too horrible, but some days it really feels like nothing goes as planned.

You just missed all the signs to tell you to just take a day off, be lazy, day dream, plan a project…there is always tomorrow.

Good news! All the BS in one day. Now it will work fine without any of the trouble.

Got home last night and was able to get the side parts cut out with the bandsaw. Just need to do some final sanding and bore the hole for the dowel… Have to buy a 1.25" forstner bit first.

You are exactly right. Thank you for sharing.

I got the stand finished. I didn’t like it, so over the weekend I made version 1.1

This one is out of plywood and I pulled out the lathe and turned down the dowel to make it more ‘swoopy’

[attachment file=51905]

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swoop swoop