New troubleshooting stickies

Anything I missed? Suggestions? I tried to go simple.

I’m fighting the urge to make a new account and totally troll you by failing to do all of these things, including posting my question on your sticky.

Do you want to point to your documentation? Nothing too condescending, just “Did you notice the documentation?”

I think I am going to have to break up page 4 in the menus “software”. Not 100% yet something like that page is now but more details and pictures. Once that is, better, we can reference it. Like some sort of trouble shooting flow chart. power, movement, crown, CAM, other. That is what I ultimately want to point to. Chart with links.

I feel like I am getting somewhere now. I have a to-do list and I am still adding too it faster than removing things but progress is being made. And this whole time sales are freaking insane!

Yeah. That would help. A single sentence on each category could help too.

One little typo … “choose top spend” should likely be “choose to spend”.

You get me every time…Thanks.