New to this stuff

I had my cnc draw this. Pretty amazing when you do something like this.
I’ll send more pictures later. If I don’t get this out of here, my wife is going to sell it to pay a divorce attorney.


hmm, that is not v1 engineering stuff. What have you got there.

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Looks like the crown is too tall, steps per mm seem to be off on that axis.

Other than that, congratulations.

Oh… I see angle aluminum and V groove bearings. I was considering using those on a build I drew up in OnShape at one point. I bought the bearings (Pricey those) and the aluminum. But then had to wait a few months before I could build. By then I completely changed the design (a few times).

Very intriguing machine you have there. Do tell how that goes. I am especially curious to know how the edge of the aluminum will wear over time. Does it flex under a load? How did you get the bearings positioned correctly? Can you adjust tension on one of the bearings?

I also see a NEMA 23 stepper. What are you using to drive that? What will you use the machine for? What are you doing to me? One picture and a no description! This is like lighting brownie scented candle in the house. I smell the goods but I don’t get to eat! :slight_smile:

Congrats on the machine. So far it looks great.


I built it with birch wood. I also upgrade the x axis and z axis to linear rails and bearing block. thanks for the reply.

It’s really experimented really. the only aluminum I have on it now is the y axis. i changed x and z axis to linear rails and bearing blocks. The y axis is a strip of 2 inch aluminum. there’s a little wear but that’s the v bearings that rolls on them. I had to readjust the bearing because of the wear. I doesn’t wear anymore.


I am using 548 or something like that. They are external drivers.

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I am using that drufelcnc, and it calculates the pulses per mm. It’s not accurate evidently. I had to use it to get it in the ball park. Then fine tuned it. I would make a line x and then y. If one was longer I would bring the readingdown in increments. Its better now. Ineed to do some more fine tunings. the tubes I bought for the lowrider, I am going to ribbit nuts in the bottom of the tubes and bolt them down as the y axis. PUt this on the bottom of the gantry plates and run across the tubes. with this

I really don’t want wood, I may see about aluminum. With this I can put bolts under the tubing about every 10" thanks guysI Upgraded the x and z linear rails.

Here is the crown after I reconfigured x and y

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Interesting, how are you attaching the the bolts to EMT? Welding, or drill keyholes, or something else?