New to Lowrider ? Most common problems

I started to build my lowrider V2 a few weeks ago and I found myself with a lot of trouble.
It’s a simple build, but sometimes simple makes easier to make mistakes by ommiting instructions “because it’s easy to assemble”.

A few of the problems I ran into:

1.- I installed the sides upside down…did it happened to you ?

2.- I decided to use the skr v1.3 and tft 28 to control the lowrider per teaching tech video and had a hell of a nightmare trying to run the code and using platformio, atom, etc.
At the end Mike helped me out and sent me the firmware bin. Been there ??

3.- My X axis doesn’t run smoothly from left to right. It’s too tight …what can I do with this? What can be the problem ?

1 nope.
2 running a ramps board because it’s old
3 X axis bolts might be too tight.

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Atom is not supported any longer, now you need vscode. I also have never been able to successfully flash from platform IO.

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Hi Ryan. I was able to get the firmware from Mike. Now I was trying to test the motors but nin move. Had you experienced that?

I have not used that board yet. Unfortunately it could be many things at this point.

What drivers and current did you set them at.

The board’s jumpers need to be set up for the right type of driver too. Teaching Tech has a good video on the board and how to set it up.

I’m using 5160 drivers

I tried running platformio on atom and his software doesn’t want to compile. Any advice ?

Well, there are thousands of reasons something won’t compile. Without the error code, I can’t even guess.

Ryan said the other day that they were only supporting microsoft vs code, but I haven’t tried it recently.