New LR3 Build in Switzerland


I’ve been reading this forum since a few years. Actually my build also started about 2-3 years back. I was planning to build a LR2 at that time. I started printing the parts and ordered the kit, I had everything ready and went on a long holiday. When I came back I realised that the space I had opted for in our shared workshop was rented out to someone else, so I had nowhere to build the LR. A few months back those people left the workshop, so there was space available again. I realised that LR3 is out, so I started printing the new parts and bought the upgrade kit and started building the table.

During the last two weeks I started assembling the machine, and today I fired it up first time (Cables still looking messy as hell, but wanted to check function first)

Only one side was moving so I realised that I still had the LR2 Firmware installed. Updated that and now everything moves.

X and Z Axis are working fine, including the endstops and everything. But I have a weird problem with the Y-axis: If I move in + direction it moves as expected, both sides running forward. But if I move in - direction the motors start moving in opposite directions. Does anyone have an Idea what that could be? I had to solder my own extension cables for the stepper, is it possible that I switched some pins and that leads to this behaviour?

Thanks for your advice in advance:)


Here’s a few more pictures of the build:



Looking good!!

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Make sure both Y motors are actually moving. If they are, make sure your endstops are working. M119 I think will display them.


Both Y motors are actually moving and the endstops work as well.
One motor behaves as expected. If i input Y+ on the screen, it moves in + direction, and if I input Y- it moves in - direction.
The other motor on the other hand always moves in + direction. If I input Y+ it moves in + direction, but if I input Y- it also moves in + direction.
Just investigated the problem a bit further and it seems to be coming from one stepper output of the SKR Pro board itself. when I change the two stepper wires it translates to the other stepper. I already tried switching the stepperdriver which didnt change anything, and I also tried uploading an older firmware just in case.

May I have a faulty SKR Pro board?

I would definitely check/recheck the wiring on the motor that won’t move in two directions.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I think it’s firmware related. It’s not specific to one motor. Every motor i hook up to that outlet shows the same behaviour. So I guess it must have to do with the board or the firmware.

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Ah! got it.

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The direction of each motor is controlled by the direction pin on a driver. If the pin is turned on the motor turns in on direction and if it is turned off the motor turns in the opposite direction. If there a break in the circuit for one of the motors, the motor will move in only direction even if the driver is trying to turn on the direction pin.

So I ordered a new board and replaced. Now everything is working fine.
Next: Wiring.

I couldn’t resist just throwing the crown g-code on an sd card and trying to run it despite cables hanging around everywhere


Love it!


Nice looking crown!

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Finally found some time again tonight.
Did a squareness test and as it was quite accurate (about 0.5mm off) i thought " why not just try to cut the strut plates"
And so I did my first cuts today.

Strut plates came out near perfect and i’m happy:)

I just have a weird problem with the cuts getting deeper and deeper the further i go in y-direction.
Will investigate further.

To-dos: strut plates, wiring, mounting skr in case, dust extraction.


Totally forgot about this: I’m also having a weird problem with the Touchscreen. In Marlin mode everything is working fine. But when switching to Touchscreen-mode, it says “no printer attached” and the machine Doesn’t do anything. I also double checked that the wiring is correct…

The baud rate is probably wrong. Check in the screen settings that it is set to 250k.

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Quickly becoming the new grub screw. :smiley:


Seems to be. I’ve now had this issue and the grub screw issue in the matter of 3 days lol

Uh, thanks a lot for the baud rate suggetsion! Will try by the end of the week:)