New dog bowl holder

We needed a new bowl holder for our husky so why not make one with the LR3


Looks great, the joints are nice and tight. Adding that slight angle had to present some challenges as well.

Man that is awesome!!! Sure hope my wife doesn’t see this LOL

Already added it to her Pintrest board… You’re welcome. It’s justification for your hobby. Or were you hoping to make it a surprise? Ooops, sorry… :smiling_face:

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I’m in the process of making some dog bowls too… The project got delayed as I started working on the son’s go kart project with him instead. Wife is a little less than thrilled.

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Let her drive the go cart first, that should make her smile and forget all about dog bowls!

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I wish i could take credit for the design but i got it from etsy. Im sure i couldve made it just hard to find free time lately to design stuff

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It’s too small :frowning:

It’s one of the Jr sized go karts, not full sized. Son is only 9 and is small for his age, so he should still fit for another year or two. Then we’ll sell both of the current go karts and get a bigger one, or more likely a 4 wheeler.