New Build, Upstate NY

Hi all!

I’ve been lurking for about a year, and after printing all the parts on my Monoprice Select Mini (which I modded from 120mm3 to 200 x 200x160 so I could print everything) and saving my pennies, I’ve finally pulled the trigger on the rest of the parts and have started assembly.

Also working no putting together a table from my old workbench while digging out my packed up tools (probably moving soon).

~145.25 hours of successful printing, at least 30.5 hours of failures, nearly 2kg of filament.


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Good luck, keep us updated.

I just printed the 4 foots for my Burly, I will catch up with you soon!!!


Got more assembly done. Of course I realize now I’m short 2 bolts. Maybe I can liberate a couple from work tomorrow.

Really digging my color choices though!

Looks good!

Very nice! Welcome to the wonderful world of - “OMG, I can do that!” and “Look at the other shiny thing I can build!” Lol!

Makita green filament?

Lol, looks like it doesn’t it! Inland Green PLA


When it’s all done we will have to send a picture to Makita and see if they like what they see…Makita CNC, or MCNC for short, not very different maybe they will wanna take me under their wing.

Maybe they will send me a router for it!

And hopefully they don’t look too close at my instagram…I have an old Makita planer that I painted John Deere colors!