New Build in New Hampshire

I still haven’t finished everything to my liking but it’s working amazingly well. Thanks to the people on this forum and Ryan for all the help getting me setup.

[attachment file=97274]
[attachment file=97275]

I made some custom endstops even though I’m not really using them.

[attachment file=97276]
[attachment file=97277]

And I’m already cutting aluminum, I plan to add some extra legs to help support the long spans.

[attachment file=97278]
[attachment file=97279]

Now that I have a fan, anyone know how I can increase the motor current? I searched but didn’t find anything that didn’t involve compiling new firmware. I’d like the motors to have a little more torque cutting aluminum and not lose steps.


If you’re running a rambo you’ll have to recompile I believe. Also, careful you don’t get the motors too warm, you’ll soften the mounts.


Also, fan needs to blow on the bottom of the board. The stepper drivers use the board as a heat sync, not the top of the chips.

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Barry, thanks for the information. Good thing I have a CNC to make another bracket!

I think you can with M907:

Are you skipping steps?

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Thanks for the information! I didn’t lose steps on this cut (extremely small depth of cut), but on some previous attempts I did and the results seem to compound catastrophically.

Proper chipload is more likely the cause of the missed steps. Do some faster wood testing, if you do not skips steps it is just CAM. Aluminum is very picky and has a tiny window of proper settings. Believe it or not a bigger chip (to a point) is easier on the tool and machine. Without knowing any specifics I would bet this is it.

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