New Build from Southern California

Well started down that road to building a mpcnc. Building a 24 x 24 rig. Took about 90+ hours to print the parts out and utilizing some left over parts from 3d printer gone bad, I have been able to piece enough parts to start.

I do have a question, I have both an MKS Gen L V1 and a MKS Sbase Smoothie clone, which would be optimal to run on the mpcnc? I know that one is older tech and the other newer 32 bit, but is 32 bit necessary?

Also is the leadscrew on the gantry supposed to be tight? I can turn the screw by hand, but it seems to me that my stepper may have a tough time rotating the screw. I have verified that the two down rods on the z-axis are parallel and flat after the tool mount and upper and lower bracket are mounted.

Some pics of my build.





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Another SoCal build, welcome to the club! San Diego here.

No, but it would be nice to know what/if any additional capabilities are available.

Purely subjective (if you’re The Rock I’d be worried, hehe) - have you lubed it? Ryan’s kit comes with lube, application on mine made a world of difference.

Have fun!

Erwin, almost next door neighbors. Riverside proper myself.

I used a lithium based lube. Even after that twisting the leadscrew still takes some effort. Will have to examine the gantry a little closer.

It should turn almost effortlessly.


Welcome…I miss SD…and surfing.