New Build Advice

Hello, I am new to the community and saw that the all in one hardware kits are no longer avail as a possible LR3 is in the works. I am very new to CNCing and am wondering if anyone has any tips on gathering all the needed tools/parts or maybe wait until the LR3 kit comes out so I am not overwhelmed in the build process

The LR2 kits were pulled because they’re a pain to bag up, (From what I heard.) and low profit items.

The BOM is fairly straightforward, and not normally too difficult to source for most of it. Things like motors, pulleys and control boards can still be bought from the shop, you just need to source the 5/16" #6-32 and 5mm nuts and bolts by the BOM.

Yes there’s a new LR “in the works” but no releasedate specified, and the LR2 is still a very capable full sheet machine, and worth building.