My first complete VCarve on the LR3

This is a wedding gift for a niece and soon-to-be nephew that I designed in VCarve Desktop and printed with my fairly new LR3.

About 18” diameter, 3/4” thick, from spalted ash. The carving will be inlaid with a deep blue-green translucent epoxy. Finish will be shellac with a water-based polyurethane as the final coat.

I’m really happy with how it came out - there was a pretty steep learning curve, having never done anything like this before. Future projects should go a lot easier.

Tech details: LR3, SKR Pro v1.2, CNC.js running on RPi 3A, VCarve Desktop using the LR3 post processor from the V1 forums. Bits used were a combination of SPE Tool and cheap Chinese V-bits - 1/4 spiral downcut, 1/8 spiral upcut, 30 degree 1/4 carbide carving, 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 90 degree V-bits.


The core of an ash just looks so great, just like chocolate. Good choice for the project. And it smells great when worked with. :slight_smile:


Flawless I love it!

Getting closer to being done. Resin inlay is done and sanded, first coat of shellac is drying.

I’m really happy with how this is coming out - be sure to zoom in to see the depth in the lettering!


Classy! The grain is so nice on that piece.

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With all the vbits I have, and almost 4 years with an LR2… When I complete my LR3 upgrade I promise promise promise I’m gonna learn how to carve… This time… LOL

That looks amazing. Zoomed in, the grain in the carves are so flawless. That resin really makes it pop too. This is beautiful work my friend!

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Very nice!

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