MPPR - Mostly Printed Plunge Router

I was bored and designed a Mostly Printed Plunge Router for 52mm spindles.

[attachment file=72364]

It’s made from 3d printed parts, a milled piece of clear acrylic, 8mm smooth rods, LM8UU bearings and a couple of M5 and M8 bolts and nuts (all spare parts I have lying around from another build).
I took some inspiration from the MPCNC parts and tried to design everything so that it prints easily and without supports.

It’s still a WIP, I will build it when I’m done working on the MPCNC :slight_smile:


That’s neat. How do the lm8uu stand up to the dirt? I guess you could always use printed ones, since it doesn’t have to be baby smooth. I guess the depth is determined by the screw? Hopefully the pitch is an integer so you can make 5 turns for 10mm or something.

Very slick. I want to make a plate to attach my 611 in a router table for trim, since the only base I have is attached to my LR.

The M8 screw has a pitch of 1.25mm, so maybe I’ll change it to M6 (1mm pitch), good idea :slight_smile:

The lm8uu bearings have some sort of rubber lip that seems to keep the dust out pretty well. I used them in a cnc before and never had any problems. But you’re right, they aren’t necessary, I used them because I had them lying around…

That’s got to be the quietest hand router in the world! :lol: