MPCNC with Ramps on a Mac

Is there anyone I can contact that has built one of these and had gotten it fully functional as a router that I can talk to on the phone so I can see how to get mine working .

I am using the early build mpcnc with a dewalt router, the original ramps board on an arduino connected to a MacBook running High Sierra , Repetier Host 1.1.0.

with the ramps board off the arduino, i uploaded the program that is talked about in the early instructions.

I cannot manage to get on the Repetier website so cannot get the manual or any info for that program. there seems to be so much information on the forums however it is all bits and pieces scattered all over the place that I cannot make heads nor tails of most of it. I built this years ago but never got it running and now I decided it is time to invest whatever it takes to make it work.

Someone, please come to my rescue

What program?


If you bought it from me, the board is loaded and ready to go, all you need to do is connect with repetier-host. I just checked the site it loads fine and has a link to a MAC version.

My instructions should be valid as is.

what would be a reason I cannot load the repetier page? I tried on safari and on chrome, no idea why it will not come up.


What happens when you click on the link I posted?

It starts trying to find it then

Server times out

it is the same no matter if I am on safari or chrome


Can you ping ?

Don’t know if you have this straightened out yet. I just went to the site using Chrome on my Macbook Pro with the link Ryan provided. I downloaded the Mac Installation and Configuration manual. It’s a 7 page PDF. I’ll attach it to this post. Hope it helps!


Installation-and-Connection-Repetier-Host-Mac-Documentation.pdf (412 KB)

Thanks Stephan



I just ordered and got the


now, before I go mess anything up I want to make sure I have correct firmware and software on the arduino and ramps board etc

can you give me an up to date list of what I need to do to make sure all this stuff has the correct instructions.

I need to know because I have been trying so many things that I don’t know what is right anymore

also, when I do the arduino program do I do it with the ramps board plugged onto it and what about having the motors connected to the board… how about the LCD, when do I plug it in to try it without the computer… after all the soft/firmware is configured?


The firmware page is up to date as is the github page that it links to. Step by step instructions on that page.

OK, thanks, will be working on that tonite


OK controller working with the machine.

however I cannot get the controller to recognize the file off the sd card. I can find the the other base folder on the card but it dont even shop up the file I want to cut

I am so close…

found my problem

I was saving the file with an extension of .nc

changed it to “code” and now it works

celebration at my place tonite, now to try putting a bit in the router and actually cutting something

or maybe printing the pen holder and using that.

still trying to access the repetier site

when I ping that address all i get it the time out multiple times

can anyone download the manual so I can get it from there some how?