MPCNC with dual extruder

Planning to turn my MPCNC to a dual extruder 3D printer, I have some questions:
I am running on ramps with dual endstops, so the first question is regarding stepper drivers, should I ad two of those :

If yes, how to wire them to the ramps?
Or is there an option to run 2 ramps in parrallel?

Or is it better to build a separate control box for 3D print configuration?

I am open to any suggestion/feedback?

You have a lot of firmware edits ahead of you if you want to try that. I think there enough extra pins on the board but you will need to remap all of in the pins file/firmware, and edit config and cofig adv. No one has done this that I know of so you are going to have to take the lead on this, please share what you come up with.

You can always just ditch the dual endstops wire XY in series and it will work as is.