MPCNC Primo J for sale (Toronto) needs steppers + controller

Asking for $170

Built this MPCNC Primo CNC router about 2 years ago and only really used it a handful of times before it sat unused. I actually work for another desktop hobby CNC router company now and have realized I likely won’t have any use for this MPCNC anytime soon.

I believe the cutting area is about 12x24 but I can double check this if this if needed.
I pulled the Nema 17 stepper motors off of it for another project but the machine is otherwise untouched and functional, includes the standard dewalt router along with various cutting bits. All wiring is there just plug in the motors at each mount. Includes a power supply as well.

To get this up and running you’ll just need:

  • 5 Nema 17 motors
  • Arduino + GRBL shield, or any other controller option you’d like
  • Some wire to setup the power supply etc.
    This is probably ~80$ and you’ll have a working CNC without the headache of sourcing any random bits of hardware.


Ohhhhh, details! We have been the gateway to giant machines, expensive machines, but never an employee at another company. I would love to hear some details, publicly or privately.


For sure, I’m an engineer at Sienci Labs (Makers of the LongMill, now LongMill MK2) which you may or may not be familiar with already.

I had been just finishing up school studying mech engineering and had actually unknowingly picked up a set of stepper motors (second hand) for my MPCNC from the owner of Sienci Labs purely by chance - hadn’t heard of the company at that point but obviously peaked my interest since there aren’t many hobby CNC makers here in Canada. Quite a while later, once I was just out of school I stumbled upon a job posting for my current position and the rest was history.

Since a young age I’ve always had an alarmingly strong fascination with anything CNC-related, but never had the money or machinery to get into it outside of design work. For me, the MPCNC was invaluable in getting a way to start learning, and was most definitely the gateway into the cool stuff I get to work on now as my day job.

These days, now that I’m no longer a starving student and have access to lots of cool machinery at work, I can start on other cool CNC related things I’ve always wanted to make like this 400lb VMC-style CNC (shown below) I’m just finishing up now.

At the end of the day, I can always appreciate a clever design like the MPCNC which doesn’t rely on expensive materials, processes, or resources. Big fan of the new Lowrider V3 design by the way, looks very robust.


I got to meet and talk to them at one of the MRRF’s! I like those guys. We talked about all sorts of stuff they are doing a great job.

I ended up at Robo3D in a similar way. Just about to finish school, one of my lab partners heard me talking about getting a 3D printer and I started work there later that day!

Dang that makes me feel good!

Please share some results when you finish up here in the forums. That is great looking machine for several reasons.


So Ryan, looking at the wood cnc s of bob’s cnc, is something like that anywhere in that engineer head of yours? I keep looking but they must not sell plans to them. Imagine 3d print and our cnc s popping those things out!

That thing is a solid mill!!! That is great!

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I have not put much thought into it. The LR3 is kinda of like that I guess.

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Hi @danielww , I couldn’t find a PM option in the forums, but I would be interested in your partial MPCNC. I live just down the 401 in Kingston and can do a day-trip into TO.

If it’s still available, you can contact me at

(If it works out, I might also bend your ear about your job: I teach in the Mech & Materials department at Queen’s University, and I’m always looking for Canadian tech/industrial companies I can tell my students about!)

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@aableson Sent you a PM. I’m assuming you’ll get some kind of notification - let me know if not.

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Thanks: I’ve replied (now that I know there is a PM system in the forums!)