MPCNC out of level

I went to do a job this past weekend and my spoilboard is out of level with my router all of a sudden. I was doing a V-carve 2mm deep and within 100mm in the y-direction it went from cutting 2mm deep to not touching the surface. I had some trouble before this job with a bit loosening up in the router and cutting deeper into the spoilboard than normal, but the bit didn’t break or anything bad, so I didn’t think much of it. I surfaced my spoilboard initially, and everything has been well aligned until now. I have done a lot of through cuts recently with a 0.3mm overcut and all of the overcut patterns in the spoilboard seem pretty uniform, so this seems to be a new issue. I need to go in and take some measurements, but am hoping to get some advice on what to check. I did a cursory look and everything seems tight and and I don’t see any obvious problems like the posts lifting or loosening.

This was my first thought. Make sure you feet/corners didn’t loosen up and move on the legs when you had the bit cut deeper than intended. That could have inadvertently pushed up on one of the corners. Make sure everything is down and tight on all 4 corners (not too tight to crack the plastic) then you can take and measure with a bit around the spoil board and see if you are level everywhere. Worst case once you get it leveled back out you can resurface again and get everything back smooth

Thanks, that helped. It looks like the post nearest 0,0 got pulled down a couple of mm’s. I loosened it and was able to get it back in position. I checked around the perimeter of the spoilboard and everything is with a couple of tenths of a mm, so I don’t think I will even need to resurface.

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