MPCNC next level (4th axis)


has anyone took it to the next level and added a 4th axis to mpcnc?

I am one of them, cant leave stuff alone kinda guys.


On my printer as we speak…

nice, what firmware are you running for that one?

I have printed that centering chuck for a friend, they are abusers when they know you can make stuff. =P

Leo69 (V1 Hall of Flame member, for sure) made one, and a few others followed right away. It wasn’t as much a 4th axis as a rotational axis instead of the Y. You can connect the y axis to the rotational motor, then you need to make sure the machine moves right down the axis and your steps/mm are right for the radius of material you are working on. Then you can do things like carve into bats or something.

So you would give up the y movement to it? or would it be extra axis?


He gave up the Y.

I watched another machine that had it off the main bed and had what looked like a lathe for a 4th. it looked crazy!

I am going to mod my mpcnc to increase some stuff. I ended up wanting to big of a work area and to tall to be able to clear different things.


It is much better to make a drop table than a tall machine. Usually it serves the same function. Tall machines are not very fun.

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i made one for the current machine. it service the function of also leveling =P !!

I miss that drop table part or took it for something else. Are you talking about when it goes vertical or when the table is able to move up and down?

Rough example. You build a standard MPCNC with a 3.5" Z reach, but you want to carve the top face of a 3’ log, you build a table that has a bed that can be adjusted down to accommodate. Not trying to make a powered bed, if that makes it more clear.

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I want to try milling a Star Wars E11 blaster tube in ABS, then change to a print head and try printing some parts on it.
[attachment file=53220]

Cool! That could definitely be done without a Y axis. Your drawing would just be the unrolled surface of the tube. The rotation would be set up so that 1mm of travel in Y would be 1mm on the surface of the tube.

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ok, i was tracking that way to drop the bed down but just wanted to make sure. that gun looks pretty damn good.

Hello, Jeffeb3, can you please tell where i can find a tool that give me the right step/mm for the radius, and if I want to engrave with a diamant tool a glass of GIN that have a lot of diferent radius is the big one? I have mod all ready my mpCNC for now is a milldown machine, a 3D printer and a laser cutter/engraver, and i what use a lathe to do more stuff, if you can show me a tool to calculate the step/mm for radius i apprecheate

I don’t know of any tools for that. You won’t only have to adjust the steps/mm, you also have to raise the Z to match the radius.

I have seen Ryan cut a vinyl sticker and used glass etching to etch a pint glass.