MPCNC maintenance

My MPCNC is probably over 100 cutting hours now and needs some love. It is not sliding smoothly, though it continues to run. Pink foam chunks build up on the core due to static as well as on the x and y tubes making the bearings roll rough during typical operation. I try to wipe it down and vacuum it all off good, but some times are better than others and this is my workhorse. I’m sure a good clean and periodic maintenance is in order as well as a complete retighten and replacing a few cracked bearing holders on the core (to be printed once the v4.1 is done) would be most beneficial. The core is loose now because if tightened, it binds, which lead to one motor failure and also to my question:

Does anyone have a recommended rework schedule or inspection list or PM task checklist or a recommended interval for this service to keep things running smooth on an MPCNC?

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The only thing I have ever done is rotate the tubes when a flat spot shows up. Paste wax, or maybe running a grounding wire to your frame? I have milled a bunch of the pink stuff but I usually kinda clean as I go so I have not gotten to the point of build up.

A quick and dirty set of wipers might be worth a shot?

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For foam chips and other electrostatic issues, I have had success with static guard spray (supposed to be used for laundry) it makes the chips easier to clean up

I periodically inspect the bearings, make sure that they all.still contact steel. I have one set of truck bearings that seem to want to loosen.

The Z lead screw needs lubrication and cleaning. Inspect for cleaning often, lubrication if lifting the Z axis seems to demand it.

Check for cracks in the core clamps and trucks.

Thst’s about it for mine. Been running a coulle years now. I should have put a meter on it…


Thanks for the input @vicious1 and @SupraGuy

I have run the thing all day on a saturday with minimal cleaning between jobs for probably a true 6 hours of run time between swapping parts and tool changes. That is when it builds up. I’m nearby, but not continuously wiping it off… dust collection would probably help this a great deal, but it is just foam and cleans up pretty quick after the fact.

Based on your suggestions, I think we have this list so far:

  1. keep clean after every use with vacuum / brush parts that don’t vacuum well.
  2. Inspect for -
    a. flat spots on the bearing surfaces
    b. cracks on trucks and bearing mounts / core clamps
  3. clean and lubricate z screw
  4. check bearings for travel contact
  5. verify end stops have not moved

Is there ever a time to resquare the core other than when replacing components?

Only if I notice a non-square cut…Previously I had always just built new versions of them before they needed any sort of maintenance. Seems we might have hit a whole new era of the MPCNC.

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The core clamps for sure had to replace and retiten them at least twice

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