MPCNC dismantled and built it again, Stepper motor problems

Hello, I was having too many problems to fine-tune my MPCNC even with all help from this forum, so I decided to dismantle found many broken pieces printed the broken ones and save all parts for two months in a safe location.
This week I finished building and notice three of the five stepper motors are having problems, so made all tests change wires/stepper drivers/connections.
Two of those are making noises and not moving as it should move, the other is moving erroneous, sometimes both sides with the same input.
Anyone had the same problem? I already ordered another kit but in these times it will take longer than normal.

Usually that’s a funky electrical connection to the stepper. One of the pins might not be seated properly in the black connectors, or the wire is broken at the pin.

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Have you checked the voltage on the stepdriver with a multimeter?

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But happens the same if I test the Stepper Motor in other terminal that is working.

Yes all the same, 0.88 for a Stepper motor of 1.8A

What happens if you swap steppers? Same result?

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Yes same, I just check each one of the motors and they are broken indeed. Have no idea how is this possible.

What if they were broken on arrival? Can you get a refund?

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Sorry, It was working for almost 3 months, I had to dismantle and just this week built it again. It is weird 3 are broken only for storage.

How long are the wires on the motors (assuming they don’t have sockets directly on the motor housing)? Any chance the wires got damaged in storage or while re-commissioning? If they’re not working anyway, I’d take a shot at re-building the electrical connectors on the motor.

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the wires are short and no connection, about 5cm only.I tested for the couples and it is ok.