MPCNC Burly For Sale (3/4 EMT Not Included)

Quarantine pushed me to build a bigger router. Can’t justify having the MPCNC as well, so looking to see if anyone would be interested in the components.

The build is less than a year old, all parts were bought back in May of 2020.

Asking $350 OBO, buyer pays for shipping from Everett, WA.

All the printed parts
steppers, wiring for all 4 steppers and dual endstops.
End stop switches and mounts
E-Stop twist release button
3 Momentary push buttons for Hold, Start, Reset
GRBL ESP32 Board developed by Bart Dring
Mount for 65mm Spindle or router (router in pictures not included in above price)

Build is setup for a 39x27 footprint, with a cutting size of 27.5x15

Best way to contact me is via email,

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