Mounts for Import Spindle

I’m building a relatively small MPCNC over the next couple weeks and I am trying to decide on a spindle. The DeWalt DW660 is an attractive option because of its price and the mount is already designed. Does anyone use the import spindle linked in the specifications page of the MPCNC? I read that they are much quieter than the DeWalt, and noise is definitely a consideration for my build, but if the mount is something I need to design myself I would probably start with the DeWalt.

Import spindle link:

Side note, I will use a shop vac to keep the dust down so that may render the noise of the router/spindle irrelevant.

This exact subject comes up all the time. The majority of us feel the vac is indeed as loud as the spindle. Less noise is always better but with the dewalt you get a warranty, and more power for the dollar.

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All good information, thank you. I did not consider the warranty so that is good to know as well.

I think the dewalt’s mount is stiffer as well. Most of the cheap spindles are just DC motors with a collet adapter bolted on. This causes the endmill to stick way lower than with the DeWalt. Lots of extra leverage to cause issues.

I read that as well, didn’t understand the implications until now. Are the issues related to accuracy or mounting? Or both, I guess.

It could be both but mostly accuracy I believe due to the longer arm which creates a lever that can tweak the gantry under load. I bought the 660 the other day in preparation for my build and it really isnt as loud as I thought it would be from talk here. An average sized shop vac is definitely as loud or louder. So I wouldnt worry about the noise unless you have a very quiet vacuum.