moderate sucess. but still missing the mark.

Everything from Vicious.
No endstops
flashed with Estlcam.
Using Estlcam as my controller because I can’t get repeater to function.
I’ll need to tackle that soon enough because I’m going to be printing with my machine.
back to estlicam, Attached are the images of my settings and first cuts. I’m using 32nd stepping on X and Y (3 shunts) and 16th stepping (1 shunt middle) on the Z. I’m fairly confident that my Z is ok. I know for a fact my X and Y are still cutting too long. I manually request 25.4mm and get 27.07 movement. The gear I cut is appx. 10mm oversized.

finished.pdf (1.7 MB)

finished-1.pdf (1.7 MB)


attached settings

Why not the settings I have posted here,, Third post?

The night I was calibrating my machine I started with those figures and was getting inaccurate movement. I’m not against trying them again this evening. Is there an “explain it to me like I’m 5” article on the relationship between steps per rev./ distance per rev/ and 32nd stepping vs. 16th stepping?
I’m using everything from Vicious site.
thanks for your help.

Steps/rev = (most common nema 17)200 steps/revolution* 32 microstepping (for all three jumpers and the drv8825)=6400steps/rev

Distance/rev= 16tooth pulley*2mm per tooth=32mm/rev

Z axis math is a bit more complicated because it is a screw not a pulley, but I’m sure it makes more sense now.

I agree with Ted, the settings for Steps and Distance per Rev are not right.

I run mine with 1/16 micro on X/Y and 1/8 micro on Z

So Steps per Revolution:

X = 3200 (16 * 200)
Y = 3200 (16 * 200)
Z = 1600 (8 * 200)

Distance per revolution:

X = 32mm (16 tooth * 2mm pitch)
Y = 32mm (16 tooth * 2mm pitch)
Z = 1.41mm (“5/16-18 All Thread” 1 / 18 pitch = .0555" * 25.4 = 1.411mm)

Let’s put this to bed. I reset the jumpers and did some manual movements (it’s still too early to turn on my spindle) but it looks right on the money. thank you for your help Matt and Ted.