Milling failed.

Best friends,

Do you have any idea what the problem of this may be?

Sometimes it’s fine, (picture 3 pieces).

At the larger part, it goes wrong (picture).

DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver, tested between 0.7 and 1 volts, same result.

Problem does not start in the same place but is really at random.

What are your rapid speeds set at?

Wow Ryan,

That’s fast.

Std Marlin software of your webside.

Mil 3mm double flute 30.000 p/min
Z+ 0.9mm
Fxy 20 mm/sec
Fz 10mm/sec

There it is, Z can not exceed 8.4mm/s unless you change your firmware. This results in random processor overloads.


You’re the best.

Just milled the Y-plate again without problems.

Thank you kindly for your super fast reply.

Best regards Marc A

Awesome. These little details make things so hard to keep track of. I am always looking to make a troubleshooting checklist of some sort, this would be on there for sure, as this detail is only listed on the estlcam setup page and the z axis update page.