Mill music... well almost

I ran across this on my yt feed… c-major scale isn’t exactly music, but you can imagine making more musical gcodes with this:

IMHO the tone is pleasing compared to the dying frog sound you hear when a formula 1 engine makes music:

[edit: Now I imagine, an experienced machinist reading the gcode like tablature, to play the tune on his/her guitar, lol.]

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Nice tone. Sounds like there is more than just stepper motors making sound, but I’ll bet steppers play a significant role. There are many stepper motor music videos on YouTube. Here is one of the first hits when I search for “stepper motor music.”

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I think it’s the mill and material making that sound. The music would be more limited than a stepper I think, since changing frequency requires changing momentum of the spindle and bit… vs current in a coil.

It would be hard to do chords. You need a IDEX build like Jamie’s.

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