Maximum Weight For Stepper Motors In The Kit

I am looking at buying this router which weighs 8.3 lbs and wondering if it’s too much weight for the Nema 17 760Oz/in. steppers that come with the kit and the 1" stainless steel tubing I’ll need for a table that will fit a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood. It’s got one more horse power than the Dewalt DWP611 which couldn’t hurt. Right?

Have a look at the FAQ’s page. Not really anything to gain with a larger router and everything to lose with that extra weight.

Can they handle it, sure, but I do not think it will fit between the rails.

Thank you Ryan. I have read the FAQ’s now and have been educated. I will stick with the Dewalt DWP611 and not do a Tim The Tool Man Taylor/Tool Time “More Power” deal on this build.

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That is a good way to put it, :slightly_smiling_face:! It happens to all of us, we want bigger better faster, unfortunately we have to balance it all out.

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