Materials for carving

I’m kinda curious, is anybody recycling/using recycled plastics for their projects? I’m kicking around the idea of recycling HDPE into sheets to cut for my projects and maybe selling them that way.

Nothing special, just recycled product bottles formed into sheet stock and then carved out with my LowRider, and then recycling the leftover shavings and cuttings into more sheet stock.

Bueller??.. Bueller??.. Bueller??..Anybody?

Viable for sure, it is super easy to machine. I use fresh stuff all the time.

Plastic bottles are PET, right? That would be pretty cool. If you did a Pepsi or Coke one, I’m sure it will sell, there are crazy fanboys out there for that stuff.

It’s a good idea. I’m not sure what the dangers are of cooking it, and reforming it. Other than that, it’s a cool idea.

It would be especially interesting to use the chips. Microplastics are a big pollutant, right?

You can get a few recycles out of bottle plastic before it starts to act funky. Soda bottles are mostly all pet, which we 3d print now. Milk bottles are usually hdpe and sometimes pet. Not sure what detergent bottles are, they’ll say on the bottom though.