Make Core as Stable as Possible?

I currently am in the process of cutting steel with my MPCNC.
Seems to cut good, but I’ve needed to replace the Core a couple of times and need to figure out the wizardry of making the core stable. I’ve gotten it perfect before, but this new Core doesn’t seem to want to be stable.

Here’s an awesome reaction gif of what I want to fix, if you ever want to use it in your conversations, lol.
(the steppers are powered off in the gif, but it’s due to the bearings not being perfect rather than the belts)

I’ve done what the instructions say to do, but it still seems to have this result.

I do have torque wrenches, if there’s specific numbers that would work well.

Thank you

The most helpful thing to do seems to be to remove the clamps and tighten the screws around the bearings first, then screw them back onto the core, so the opposite of what the instructions tell you to do. :slight_smile:

@werlii , Make sure that none of the core clamps are cracked. I had a similar issue and that turned out to be the issue.

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Some builds need this for some reason. It does seem to do the trick. Other builds it makes them way too tight.

For printing the core clamps, are there recommended infills, nozzle diameter, material or whatnot? They’re supposed to be flexible I presume, but I think I keep getting the formula wrong, as you can see :pinched_fingers:

I’ll try the reverse tightening technique, after I reprint that your recommended.
Thank you !

Infill does not have that much effect on those parts. Just give it a shot.

So, would 0.4mm nozzle at 100% hexagon infill pattern be fine?

You should never print at 100%, slicers have a lot of overlap and anything over 90% (maybe less) is probably going to be a mess.

Pretty sure anything over 80% infill is just extra weight, and doesn’t really affect strength.

Thank you !!
It seems to be chugging along nicely now, so thank you very much everyone for the advice on flipping the bolts.

it cut the M8 hole very nicely (south of the big elipse in the process of being cut), through 3/8 inch thick steel !

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You went straight to cutting steel?!?!?!

I have been cutting steel, and my efforts have been pretty successful thusfar.
(watch it fail once I send this message :sweat_smile:)


What Ryan wanted to say: we want pics! :smile:

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well - welcome to my incredibly professional MPCNC, built solely on cutting steel and nothin else (which most MPCNC’s never see action near that, not dissing on the community or anything)

The canvas, covered in a thick layer of corn/canola oil
3/8th inch mild steel, ~55 lbs

DWP611 with a nozzle shooting air and oil, through an oiler connected to an air compressor.

Reusing any oil, despite it being cheap cooking oil - gotta recoop some of that budget lol

That’s the system !


Really interesting. And what do you cut with it?

I’m cutting the “canvas”

Impressive setup. Using 1/8" carbide single flute upcut or something else to defy physics cutting 3/8" (!!) steel plates with a MPCNC? Curious if you’re happy or considering plasma cutter?

bumped the table and the BTT board reset itself. shit.
Is there a way to edit the original gcode to skip to 8 hours into the print?
I would definitely love to not reset the progress, especially because im trying to minimize the amount of material im using.

Thank you

Using a dual flute upcut, i believe. Pretty satisfied with the job it’s doing.