Machine stops responding if i turn on the spindle

Hi, this is my first post here. I just finished building and wiring my mpcnc. I’m using an Azteeg X3 pro as my mainboard because i wanted to use the machine as a 3d printer with a chinese clone of the E3D kraken extruder. I’m also using a chinesse 800w 52mm spindle with its own power supply. the machine powers up and i’m able to control it using pronterface, but as soon as i turn on my spindle, despite not being fisically conected to the mainboard in any way, it stops responding and wont move. It completly locks up and stops working. If i turn off the spindle, it doesnt respond either, i have to manually restart the motherboard in order to make it work again. Does somebody know how to fix this? Its driving me crazy. Thanks in advance

Are you starting gcode? Does the starting gcode have a pause on it?

No, only commands on pronterface, i havent uploaded any gcode yet

Can you plug the spindle into a different electrical circuit?

Had the same issue with an Chinese spindel. The spindels are electrical very noisy. Tried different electrical outlet, moved the wires, used ferrite beads , no luck. Bought a Kress spindle and never had any issues again.

Thank you, that seems to have resolved my problem!

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I’ve heard nothing but praise about Kress spindles. Well other than the price.

I have the 1050 watt variant and this is only about 40 euro’s more expensive than the Makita RT0700C. You buy this spindle (in my case ) for life :wink:

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