LR3 Z-Axis Leveling

I leveled my z-axis today using my touchplate (Low Rider 3). I ran the G38.2 Z0 and then M114 to see where the z axis was for each side as i couldnt tell any other way where the z axis was. I ended up with Z129.82 (left side) at x=0 and Z129.85 (right side) at x=740 (max x value). I think I may have messed something up as when I go to cut now its not fully cutting on each part. I ran the M666 code but think I may have done it wrong as I think it adjusts for both and not one or the other. Also, shouldnt it be around 120 as the max travel is 80mm? Maybe for this my bit is too high up but curious as now it skims the top of the surface cutting when i set G92 Z0.5 it barlet skims or completelt misses the surface of my wood.

I also used M500 after each adjustment.

Thanks on advance!