LR3 X-Axis Rails

If you go with 25mm steel for the rails, about any thickness that it comes in will be fine. I believe that 1.5mm is pretty standard, and teadily available.

For the Y rail, 18mm is good, thickness not critical, the 1/2" EMT we’re using is kind of spaghetti, but still good.a


Thanks for all answers, perfect.
Greetings Christian

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Hello, another question, when I use a 25mm tube, which diameter should I print, under the info in the “Brace Note” it stand Brace 25.3mf , Brace 25p4.3mf, I don`t know what that means. Could you help me please, thank you.


25 is the size, or outside diameter of the rail, the .3mf is the file type.

Just for completeness, 25p4 is 25.4mm or 25 point 4 mm.

Thank you for your help and your Engagement, greetings Christian