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About 12 hours for me, no supports 0.3333mm layer height.

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Rule 34, it’s a fact of life. Not always a pleasant one, but a painfully consistent one.

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Thanks, all! While I’ve been studying 3DP for several years, I still feel pretty new with the hands-on part. I’d love to tweak further to cut my print times, but I also want to stay conservative enough to ensure a high-quality part.

My first slice on the core was predicting 35 hours, with supports. I’ve now turned off supports and sped up inner walls, while keeping my outer wall a bit slower. That has me down between 24-25h, which I think I can live with.

I printed my first gantry brace last night, now printing my second with the same mods… cut a good 30min off of a single print. That savings * 8 on braces alone is significant. I still get fascinated watching it bridge over empty space when closing off a hole!

Just make sure your layer height is right, 0.15mm is not going to work with a 0.6mm nozzle.

I’ve read some stuff about optimizing your layer heights to be multiples of the step distance, but that doesn’t seem to be what you’re saying here.

Why won’t that work with 0.6? (Mine’s standard 0.4, so a non-issue; I just want to learn.)

[Update after looking it up again: For a 200-step (1.8 deg) stepper and a leadscrew with 8mm pitch, your layer heights should be a multiple of the motor’s full step, avoiding microstepping. That means that layer height should be multiples of 8mm/200, or .04mm for best operation.]

I don’t worry about that at all. I have seen tests and some swear by that but in my tests there is zero noticeable difference (8 years ago). Pretty sure this was a bigger thing when printers used imperial allthread, now using metric screws I don’t even know it ever matters.

The MAX thickness is approx 75% your nozzle diameter, 0.6*.75 = .45mm. That one is easy a pretty widely agreed upon. You can push it to 80% but things get pretty dicey there. Everything about nozzles with a different diameter - Original Prusa 3D Printers

The min is a bit different and there don’t seem to be any “rules” I just know 0.15 doesn’t work for me with 0.5mm. 0.2mm works but I think a bit thicker works better with less bumps and blobs, smother layers. So I would say 40% minimum.

Please forgive me as a newbie. I’m looking at 3d printing the yz plate at least temporarily until I can get it working and then use the LR3 to mill the wood/aluminium versions of parts where needed. I downloaded the file from the docs and when I open it in Prusa, it’s too big for my bed on the Ender 3 Pro. If I can’t print it, is there a way to create one without going through the V1 store to purchase?


1 - How big is it? I ask b/c I haven’t gotten to that point yet. But I did opt for the ~12" build plate, so I imagine I’m okay there.

2 - I assume you’ve tried rotating it to fit the build area?

3 - Have you found another forum user in your area who could print or cut it for you?

Just a few thoughts, $0.02

PS - 4 - There might be someone here who printed one and then replaced it with a CNC version, and might be willing to pass the original along. #3 & #4 are very much in the spirit of “reprap” - machines that can replicate their own parts in order to multiply the number of machines out there.

Depending on how close it is you can print it with a lot of the edges or corners chopped off if you get all the big holes, you can skip some of the tiny holes at the top though.

That should get you enough to cut your own at some point.

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My Ender 3 plate is 220mm x 220mm. The plate is 251mm (going off my failing memory :rofl:)

Just a quick joke for the old guys in the crowd… Had a random neuron fire when I saw it, and it wasn’t potentially NSFW, so I went for it. Yes, I pass on about half of the things I think to post. Some are too much for a “family-friendly” (or at least “family-accessible”) board, and some are too esoteric and obscure, even for me, and some are long-winded rambles that don’t really add anything to the topic at hand, but inflate my ego because I know somebody will still read the whole thing, hoping to glean some nugget of enlightenment or entertainment out of it.

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