LR2 – Z axis square tool?


I am quite certain that I have seen a 3d printed part for putting under the gantry pipes (on each end of the LR2) to let them rest on to make Z true to the table, but I can not find where it is?

It is not this model: Lowrider CNC V2 - Carriage Lift Clamp by Tailslide - Thingiverse

The one I am thinking about is holding the pipes up like a weight lifter hehehe

/ Oskar

I remember a cut part, out of mdf, but not a print.

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I modified that one a little and it works great:

Is that more what you’re thinking?
If so I can post the model.

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Aha, okey! Maybe that is what I saw back then also… Maybe I should make my own model and cut it instead och 3d printing!

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Aaaah, well, that one uses a lot less filament than the original model. But still not what I am looking for.

I think I will have to model my own piece! :slight_smile: Will get back to you with the result and files.

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