LR2 keeps stopping while cutting

This is not related to my other post: Unknown command: ""


I often have a problem with my LR2 stopping at various occasions. Without any clear reason it seems. The machine just stops. I get no indication on why in CNCjs. The solution if 95% to click PAUSE and then PLAY one or several times in CNCjs. That “fix” will make the machine begin to run the job again from where it stopped. If I rerun the job, it doesn’t stop at the same spots.

The console in CNCjs doesn’t say anything when it stops.

Ramps 1.4 with joystick running Marlin.

Please help, I have to have constant focus on the machine to notice when it stops and that is a bit frustrating :smiley:

/ Oskar

I have not seen that with cncjs. The joystick version isn’t as common. So that might be why. But that is too easy.

What I am guessing is happening is that the messages are coming slightly out of order and a message like ‘ok’ from marlin gets lost and cncjs thinks marlin is busy. But marlin has already sent an ‘ok’. The pause play gets it unstuck with more oks coming in.

Just a guess, and I don’t know how to fix it.

Does sound like handshake error. (So does your other thread.)

How long is the cable from the Pi to your mainboard? Is it shielded? Do you have adequate power to the Pi? (If you have a display, does it show a little lightning bolt in the corner?) Do you have any kind of power filtering (Like a ferrite bead on your router power cable) installed?

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  1. The USB cabe is 3 meter long. I think it is shielded:

  2. Yes, I have proper power to the Pi… I think… 5V 1.5Ah or something… Enough? :slight_smile:

  3. I have a display, and no, it doesn’t show a lightning bolt in the corner of the LCD.

  4. I have no ferrite bead on the router power cable! I guess it is a good idea to add one either way?

I have an older and shorter USB-cable that has two bulky things on each end, which I think are ferrite beads… Maybe I should try to switch to that cable for the Pi->Ramps connection.

This problem still exist for me. Last job I had to pause-play probably 30 times :stuck_out_tongue:

I have replace the old USB cable with one that is shorter and has ferrite beads on each end. But that didn’t solve it apparently.

What should I do more?