LowRider Z - Axis, RIGID Linear Slider Carriage

White Lithium Grease is also good.

I did not find exact same you sent, do you think one of these will do the job?

@Liam_Garcia what do you think?

I’m not the expert, but I’d assume either of those would be fine.

Yes doug is right,you have to spray it let it dry and spray it some more útil you feel it lose that thing Will make your bearings fly :sunglasses:

You can even put it on the lead screw
Some one told me that if I put it on the bit it Will
Help them last longer

Quick update, I bought this lubricant but unfortunately it did not help with the linear rails I mentioned in this post. I tried to reclaim money from the shop (I said linear rails don’t operate as should) but they declined it becuse when they tried it on the rails they have available, it went smoothly (according to them). I really not sure what should I do about this.

@DougJoseph do you know, who is manufacturer of linear rails and carriages bought via V1E shop?
I wrote couple messages with the people from the shop (from which I have carriages) and they told me that the (original) carriages and my rails have most likely different manufactures thus different tolerances so that is why I have this problem

Only Ryan would know that info for certain.

@DougJoseph Is there any way I can contact him?

Sure. You can include his username in a post, or you can send him a direct message here on the forum. His username is @vicious1

The rails, balls, and cages are a matched set. That is why you see numbers and writing on them you need to buy the full set you can not replace just one part unless you buy rails that are manufactured with that feature, those are very expensive.

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Thank you @vicious1 for an answer. I had no idea that I have to buy whole set. It makes sence now.

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@vicious1 is there a technical documentation of linear rails and carriages for LowRider3 sold in eshop bundle, so I can buy identical?

I would assume he’s not sending tech specs to a manufacturer, he’s buying matched sets and sending them out. You’ll want to just buy a new set.

Exactly, 150mm MGN12H standard rails this info is listed on the shop page and the instructions parts list. Mine are built as a matched bearing block to the rail, but not necessarily all the blocks to all the rails.

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ok, thank you. I was just worried to not buy rails which are for example with slight different distance between holes, or something like that

No worries. I just learned all the details about the rails not that long ago. Obviously I am still learning as well.
The mgn12 part specifies most of it and that “h” means long bearing block. Oddly enough both long and short have the same hole pattern.

Yeah, more I learn, more I find out what I don’t know.

That is interesting, I would not expect that, but I guess it is better that the hole pattern is the same.

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