Lowrider v2 Slim - the Garage-Friendly Edition

I gave the work space a deep and thorough cleansing, so it seemed like a good time to share a few pics of my LR :slight_smile:

For now, this guy is going to be limited to a work area of 24” x 48”. It’s actually a little more than that, but I built it with the intent to cut quarter sheets of plywood. The size works well for my garage-based work shop. And although it doesn’t seem like it’s all that big, I essentially doubled my work area and that allows me to make much more efficient use of my sheet goods when cutting my arcade cabinets.

Anyway, it’s pretty much a “stock” build on a Mini Rambo that operates on a torsion box. The box is bolted to two storage cabinets that I built specifically for the application. The open space in the middle is a non-issue given the strength of the torsion box. I had planned to use that space for shelving, but then the shop vac ended up there instead and I’m too lazy to go changing it at this point. If I do end up changing it, I’ll probably opt to enclose the shop vac to tame the noise a bit.

Which reminds me…

Pretty sure I’m going to swap out the Dewalt for something quieter. I don’t mind a little noise, but there’s just something about the pitch that it sings at that makes me cringe. Plus, I live in the suburbs and my neighbor already sends me whiny text messages every time I turn on a power tool. I’m curious about those Chinese spindles, but I’ll probably end up with another Makita out of sheer convenience and the fact that I am already familiar with it.

I really appreciate all of the time and effort that seemed to be given so freely every time I’ve ever had a question or concern on this forum (thanks, Jeffe!). Quite grateful to have been given such a fine design to work with as well. Thanks so much for that, Ryan.


I think I’d just block the neighbor’s phone number.

Life’s too short to worry about noise during the day. It’s not like you’re running your machines at 10PM (I hope).

I also hope you’re wearing hearing protection when running your machines. I wish I had started wearing them sooner in life.


That’s a great setup.

You can get a lot of super high quality work in a shop like that!!! Very nice.

Most Bosch EVS are quieter than the Dewalt at high RPMs. Though, I don’t find myself running my Dewalt 611 higher than setting 1 (16500rpm) anymore these days. If I want to reduce chipload, I just change the bit to something with three or four flutes.

Nice setup

That’s a good idea that I should try putting into practice soon. I have some two- and three-flute end mills that I need to find a practical use for.