Lowrider 3 Y accuracy

Hi All,
I’ve had my Lowrider running for a while and making a bunch of things the largest being the struts. I just tried to cut an arch which is 76.5" in Y and it came up 3/16" short. I ran to zero, put a mark on the table and then ran out to G0 Y1930.4 (76" in mm) and then put another mark. 75 13/16". Does this sound reasonable? 3/16 out of 76" is a pretty small percentage but out of spec for what I’m doing. Any suggestions?


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Sorry, replying to myself. While walking my dog I got thinking. The vacuum hose was dragging on the belt and perhaps the belt wasn’t tight enough. Made a temporary thing to hold the hose out of the way and tighten both side and the error is gone. Well not really gone but so small I don’t care. Sorry for the noise.


No need to be sorry. You presented a problem and the solution. Be assured that someone else will find it useful.
That’s why we are all here. Happy chip making.

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