Lowrider 2 in Bend, Oregon

I’m selling this LR2 set up for 4ft wide. It’s currently set up for 4x4 cutting area, so if you’d want to go up to like 8x4 all you need is a new set of belts for the Y axis. I haven’t used it a lot so all of the parts are in almost new condition. I have to downsize my garage so this puppy is ready for a new home.

MiniRambo + LR2 kit
1" OD Annealed 304 stainless steel tubing from Speedy Metals: 18in for Z axis, 60in for X axis
Carbon Fiber PLA printed parts (super strong)
Aluminum slots for the Y axis
Cable sleeves and dragchain
1/4in Acrylic router plate, 3/4in marine grade plywood side plates
Optional Dewalt router + colet adaptor (+$120)

Asking $600 obo, can ship anywhere if you’re willing to pay for it

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I’m interested, I sent you a private dm.