Low Rider Build - Poland ( Video )

Hej Everyone!
I have started my build recently .
I think that it is interesting to have CNC machine at home.
I have bought used parts from polish 3d printing community.

Since making of the video i have made some small progress, but what i am into right now is the software .
I am using Arduino Mega , and cnc.js
but the software to generate gcode - its called estlcam .
Has someone used SOLIDWORKS to generate gcode ?

Video of the building process ( short one ) :
If you can leave a like . ( I will soon make a longer version )


Congrats on getting your LowRider assembled! Hope you can get it up and running and start making stuff! I’ve enjoyed mine and I am currently working to upgrade it from v2 to v3!

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I’m also using ESTLcam to generate Gcode for CNC work, after having tried Easel. ESTLcam is just way better than Easel.

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Hello I have finally started mine machine - but on the same moment i found out the first problem Ive had - Mine Makita Router - is getting hot preetty fast .


3D Printed Holderfor it just melted - and the whole CNC Machining was ruined .

I need new router for mine cnc - about 500W
I am thinking about purhasing something like that :

Can you recommend me something what should I buy ?

I would stick with the recommended routers. The base plates that come with them will not melt.

I cannot find any list of recomended routers , could you be more specific ?

Hello @malyboa, looks like you’re building LR2. The LR3 docs recommend couple of routers in LR 3 Docs > Tool Mounts section, guessing those same routers are great for LR2 as well?

I used PETG for my tool mount and vac hose holders. But used PLA for everything else, I don’t live in a super hot climate.

The dewalt dw611 or the makita series 700.

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I can recommend the Katsu router as a Makita alternative;
Electric Hand Trimmer, Router, Laminator for wood, Carpenter Router, Carpenter Tool : Amazon.de: DIY & Tools

Thank You guys for all the anserws , as DeWalt DW611 is not awaible to purhase ( even used ) in my country , I decided to go with that makita :slight_smile:

thank you and , soon ill post some video of how just everything works.



the new router it is working really good . thank you for advice.


Lookin good!