Low rider 3 X axis sticking


I have had my Low rider working for a couple of months now. Unfortunately due to being busy with other things I’ve not used it for about 3 week’s. I came to use it yesterday and the X axis is sticking as it get toward the end of the gantry. There is also a little stiffness in the centre. Ive dismantled most of it, checked as best I can that everything is straight and reassembled. Using a caliper can see there is less than a millimetre in size from one end to the next from top to bottom of the steel tubes. However it’s still sticking and causing a the X core to jam. I’ve cleaned up the bearings, added a little silicone spray but no change.

Anyone got any ideas why this is suddenly happening and how to fix? There has been a drop in temperature in the UK since I last used it and wondered if this change could have affected the struts. Potentially a twist in the gantry. Ive checked this as best I can but looks pretty good. Please anyone help??

You may need to adjust (loosen) the lower bearings just a tiny bit.