Losing steps big time.

I found this for my router[attachment file=92414]

I found this for my router[attachment file=92417]

Now I’m happy. So far it’s co operating.

I upped the stepper current from 900mA to 980mA and it’s much better. Steppers only get warm after 1.5 hours of continuous operation.

[attachment file=92444]


I’m glad you got some success!


BTW, I meant to mention something about this earlier but I forgot.

I find that lithium grease is a real magnet for dirt and dust. Keep an eye on the screws to make sure that they don’t suffer the same fate and clean if necessary.

I use Boeshield T-9 for stuff like this. It’s paraffin based so it doesn’t attract dirt and dust as much as most other lubricants. It’s also good for rust protection. It works really well for squeaky hinges, particularly in the bathroom where there is a lot of humidity. But I digress…

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@MegaDad3D you’re absolutely right. This lithium grease sticks to dust real good. I was cleaning it quite often though so it was OK for the time.


I’ll look for the one you mention but I get a feeling I won’t find it here in AUS.

So all up it ended up taking me around 3 hrs to cut out a full sheet. I think my limit (at least for now) is 2.5mm passes at 15mm/s, although I did up the feedrate on the fly to 120% a few times and it was still going well.

Go find a bike(peddle) shop and look for dry chain lube. It will be paraffin based.

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