Loose Fitting Clothes

So, I am running a 920x920mm pocketing job to level my bed. The center of the my table needs better (as in it has none) support as it is sagging. I have never actually used the whole bed, but I am about to cut some acrylic pieces for the top of my fish tank and it sags enough that I would probably have to do 8mm deep cuts for 2.5mm thick material to compensate.

Anyway, I was reaching in to snap a picture with my phone and the back of my shirt got pinched between a bearing and a belt. I just had to walk with it until it got to the end and reversed. It skipped about 1/8 inch. It is still running and it will finish with a run around the outside. I think the overlap is enough that the end results will be ok, just shifted a little.

That can not possibly be right, 2.5mm cut needing an extra 5.5mm?

I have no support in the middle of the bed. I have been cutting small things over in one corner where it is not noticable. The center of my table was around 5mm lower than the edge, so to cut through in that area, my edges would have to cut at least 5mm into the spoil board.

The largest thing cut to date is a hole in a table leaf to make a router table out of an old kitchen table. It’s the only thing I’ve done where accuracy would matter. One side of the hole is lower than the other. I’ll make a new plate one day for the router that is thicker and I’ll cut the edges deeper to even them out.

Here is the router table.
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Now, I have a mountain of sawdust since I have no dust collection. But, I have a level bed.