Looking for Archim2 2.2b pin mapping

Anyone here have this document handy? At the moment, my X2 and Y2 steppers are not receiving commands, and near as I can figure it’s because the pins aren’t mapped properly in the boards_ARCHIM2.h file. I saw an alternate set of mappings for E0 and E1 (where X2 and Y2 live), but those don’t work either. I found and went through all the github support documentation with board schematics and I’ve skimmed the chip data sheet itself, which is awesome, except without the pin map I’m stuck.

Separately, the Y1 motor, when commanded to move via the LCD (discount full graphic), it only rotates one way - ie Y->++, rotate CW. Y-> - -, rotate CW. Any ideas on what would cause that? Maybe something in the LCD controller files? I tried to hook the machine up to Repetier on my laptop but it just sits at “5 commands pending” and doesn’t respond. So, I’ve got a number of things to work through but these seem to be the most pressing. Any help would be appreciated - thank you!