Looking for a rotating shaft passthrough for up to 30PSI

Looking for hive mind help here.

A friend has asked for a stirring system for a keg, basically. Sealed metal container will hold 20psi CO2 probably no more than 25 max. Found stir rods, and stirring motors, to keep from putting the motor in the container is there a pass-through for something like a 1/4" shaft?

O-ring stack with a bunch of food safe lube?

If all else fails, the motor can go inside and passing a wire through is easy enough.

Maybe some sort of sealed coupler?

Spoke too soon, pump shaft seal…DUH.

Up to 150 psi.

What about a widget inside and a magnet to spin it? They have those on small scale for chemistry setups.


That was the original idea, but how well would that work on a metal container?

Also started looking at small aquarium power heads. Probably the cheapest and easiest.

Just put ribs on the inside edge, lay the keg on its side and use a motor to turn it slowly. From what I remember for brewing, even the ribs may nit be needed if you just turn it slowly


It will be hooked up. It’s for cocktails and mixed fancy water / juices.

What kind of metal? If it’s stainless you might still be ok, right?

Stainless or aluminum. It might work, I hope we get a chance to test it. There is a company out there but they are in Alpha testing and want $1k per keg…nope.

Id use a regular shaft seal with food safe grease if it is in the top away from the contents. Pump shaft seals need to be kept in fluid otherwise they will get destroyed.

I couldn’t find a screw together (non welding) pass-through’s that hold a proper seal. There were a few cable pass through’s that look like they make a hell of a seal, greased up they should hold great?