Long text, 2 cuts

I am going to cut my first order, a wooden sign with the name of a boat. (actually 2 signs, 1 on each side)

But the thing is, text will be about 80cm (wider than my MPCNC) so I figured it is best to do it in 2 jobs ?

A spirit-level will be a support where I can slide the sign along to the next job.

Somehow I have to make the distance between words correct so how do I proceed?

The 2nd word’s home-point in EstlCam can be set to a known position directly after last letter of 1st word like in this picture here. Is this a good way to solve this?
(homing 2nd job will automatically add space between words.

I’m counting on using my endstops for this sort of jobs.

You don’t need the while spirit level. Two point define a line. So you can make holes for pegs, and slide the workpiece along the pegs. I’m hoping telling you this will help you think of the solution in these terms. You can make the holes foe the pegs with the cnc into the spoil board, and if you have extra material in the workpiece, you can also cut holes in the material. If you space the holes intelligently, you can use their distance to align the second cut. For example, if you made pegs at 0cm, 20cm, 40cm, 60cm. Then you could move the workpiece to the left to move 20cm at a time.


The one large sign I did like that, I did each letter in it’s own cut. I used a ruler and a pencil to mark the ‘0,0’ point for each letter on the board and set my x,y,z prior to each cut. I used a piece of wood screwed to the spoil board to slide the longer board along.

The idea of the spirit level is only to act as a guide/ruler between MPCNC legs where I can slide the wood on. Much like having holes in a spoilboard with some pegs to guide.

Ill do a few drawings and see what comes out of it.(Wish changing tools was easier)

When I do cuts like that I screw a guide down to slide the material on. I cut as many letters as I am comfortable with them move the material so a known point of the last letter is still within range of the bit then I use that known point as the start point for the next series of cuts. It’s more accurate than a human eye can see.

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Sounds that I am on the right track then.

I’ll do some tests drawing the entire sign. then I’ll do some test carving with a V-bit to find a good depth.

Then a full sign on scrap wood and then hopefully The Final Cut…listening to Pink Floyd :slight_smile:

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Google Photos

1st test of real size…1st word “Kapten” (Captain)

1st test with a 2flute Vbit (Dremel 640)

Google Photos

A few lines 0,1mm 0,2mm 0,3mm 0,4mm 0,5mm 0,6mm 0,7mm 0,8mm 0.9mm and 1.0mm

And a few letters (Kapt) from the real size but deeper.
I think I will do a carve inside the letters…must try more.
The big ones was way to fast (pencil settings) so I slowed it down abt 50%