Logo for my buddy

One of my best friends is a massage therapist who has worked under a chiropractor for the first few years of his career. I’m not sure if it was the pandemic or just business wise things it made sense for him to be on his own business wise and incorporate, but things are going well enough that he is on his own at this point. Only thing is, he is still in the same office building as the chiropractor, so he needs his logo for a sign on his office door.

I made a proof for him to approve to be blown up to door size. This one is only about 6 inches wide. Gave it to him anyway figuring it can go on a desk or something like that.

Machine is an MPCNC Burly



Hand for scale, apparently didn’t have a banana handy



Larger version is in the works, all cuts are made, need to clean up, paint, and glue.


That is cool. I am about to fab up a few samples for my friend’s business as well. I was going to do a carve and an etch but I might add a third raised/layered option like yours as well.

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Time to justify picking up some colored acrylic?

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@vicious1 It’s pretty cool being able to do stuff like this, thanks Ryan for everything you’ve put out.

I have yet to try a real engraving and honestly his logo lended itself to a cut out/raised lettering like this so that made the decision easy. Hopefully yours works well too.

@ttraband Not the worst idea! Will probably look into acrylic here now that you’ve thrown that out.


Finished the full sized logo a bit ago and never did update this post. Coke for scale this time.