lock_cornerC and LockM_CornerC

I’m printing the parts in mostly the same color as the pic at the top of the Specifications page. Have the red loaded now. I can’t find in the assembly where the Lock_CornerC and LockM_CornerC are used. Help please, can’t determine which color to print them.

They are attached to the corner bottoms.

So, maintaining the color scheme of the picture on the info page(red and black), they would be red?

Got the top corners printing right now.


This picture?

They are black. Load them into your slicer so you can tell what part you are looking at.

I’m loading the parts into Cura 14.7 on my 32 bit machine, but printing from 64bit machine using Repetier Host and Slic3r. Print quality is amazing.

Cura 14 does not display file name once part is loaded.

Next question, what are the red parts on the gantry, top one which is just below the stepper and 2 spacers, and the one on the bottom. Are they the same part?

Suggestion to help old duffers like me, maybe an exploded view with individual parts labeled with .stl file names… You know, us senior citizens that often walk into a room and can’t remember why or what we’re after… I can’t remember the file names of what I’ve printed. Luckily, I know enough dos to be able to print the directory of the folder I extracted the .stl files into…




The instructions say what part is what.

The XYZ part in the files I downloaded seems to be for the T8 leadcrew, the one shown in the assembly link above is the one I need. These are different parts, right? Did I download the wrong Thingiverse files?

I need the .stl for the XYZ part for the 5/16 allthread screw.

Nope it fits all three parts, in the instructions Barry linked it shows how each get assembled.